Philosophy of AI


Royal Institute of Philosophy Public Lectures

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Philosophy of AI - Public Lectures

Artificial Intelligence is likely to have an enormous impact on our future, and it is an area that has always been deeply intertwined with philosophy. 

These lectures will examine some of the most pressing questions that emerge out of the Philosophy of AI: how it relates to work, leisure, consciousness and ethics.

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Dr Sam Coleman: Why Consciousness is No Bar to Artificial Intelligence:

Dr Karina Vold: The Ethical Implications of Humans Cognitively Extended by AI


Dr Rupert Read (UEA)

6th Dec 2018

AI and the Limits to Growth

Dr Kanta Dihal

13th Dec 2018

AI Narratives

Dr Sam Coleman (Herts)

28th March 2019

AI and Consciousness

Dr Karina Vold (Camb)

 11th April 2019

AI and Ethics

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